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Ready Made Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum Blinds
    Ready Made Aluminum Blinds are available in 1″ (25mm) and 2″ (50mm) slats with the following features:
  • Wand tilters with nickel plated zinc stems that provide durability and strength.
  • Cord locks with solid brass rollers in a clear polycarbonate housing.
  • 6 gage (0.18mm) aluminum slat (8 gage (0.21mm) is also available upon request).
  • Color coordinated cords and hardware.
Additional Features

Each blind comes standard in a white box with Hardware Kit packet four or six to a master carton – depending on size. Also available in UPS shippable box.

Blinds can also be ordered "bulk packed" which is preferred in contract applications. Bulk packing eliminates unneeded cardboard waste and allows for more efficient container packing. Contact us for more information.

Retail packaging: Custom packaging and labeling is available for retail applications. Blinds can be packed in generic boxes with color labels or fully customized to meet your needs.

Special features: Bar coding, special labeling, specific requirements, and packaging is available. Our experienced staff can help you with your order and help you make the right choices when ordering blinds.

Programs Available

We make it easy to order blinds directly from our factory in China. Blinds can be ordered in 20 foot or 40 foot containers directly from our factory for the best value. We also offer a “Container Add-On Program”.

Average Container Packing:

  1″ Aluminum 2″ Aluminum
20 ft Container 7,000 blinds 1,800 blinds
40 ft Container 11,000 blinds 2,700 blinds

Note: The amounts listed above are average quantities only. Your actual quantity may vary based on actual sizes that are ordered. Go to container packing for more details.


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