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Dear valued customer:

Ventana continues to strive to stay on the leading edge of product innovations and provide our customers with a cost effective ready-made blinds. As you know, prices have continued to increase due to the increase in raw materials such as PVC and plastic components which are directly affected by the increase in the price of oil. In addition, metal prices have continued to rise making it difficult to keep price increases in check.

In order to meet these challenges head-on, Ventana has developed new components that will help in minimizing the cost increases such as our new plastic housing cord tilter, P/N 50115004, plastic tape drum with shoulder, 4mm diameter, and our tilt rod from a 6mm rod to a 4mm steel rod P/N 50803000 . This will give us a strong and durable tilt rod which uses less material which will keep the costs down. Other changes include a newly developed Beveled Bottom Rail P/N 90910xxx that is designed to extrude more efficiently and therefore less expensive to produce. The other new development is in the Royal Valance P/N 90907xxx. Not only does the valance have less material, it has been designed to accept the following types of valance clips: ( P/N 50741000 Hidden, 50740025 Valance Clip 2.25" and 50740032 Royal valance Clip 3.25" ). As you can see, we make every effort to develop new components that not only help save money, but also improve their function and performance.

Cord Tilter Large Punch Zinc Gear 4mm Diameter Plastic Tape Drum with shoulder
Tilt Rod, steel 4mm diameter
Royal Valance P/N 90907xxx Beveled Bottom Rail P/N 90910xxx
Royal Valance Clip Royal Valance Clip Royal Valance Clip

We at Ventana are confident that the new components will enhance the blinds and give you the finest ready-made blinds available on the market. Due to the intense pressures to keep prices down, these changes to be effective immediately.

And due to the appreciation of RMB to the U.S. Dollar, prices need to be increased.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.



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